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1.11 Azrael "Dream On"
1.13 Lostprophets "Betrayed"(1.18)
1.15 Mnemic "Sons Of The System"
1.19 Sigh "Scenes From Hell"
1.19 Dawn Of Demise "A Force Unstoppable"
1.20 Wig Wam "Non Stop Rock 'N' Roll"
1.20 Royal Hunt "X"
1.20 The Murder Of My Sweet "Divanity"
1.27 Orphaned Land "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR"(1.25)
1.27 HIM "Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice"(2.09)
1.25 Excalion "High Time"
1.29 Crematory "Infinity"


2.01 Freedom Call "Legend Of The Shadowking"
2.05 Fear Factory "Mechanize"
2.17 Gamma Ray "To The Metal"(1.29)
2.17 Finntroll "Nifelvind"
2.19 Eluveitie "Everything Remains As It Never Was"
2.23 Airbourne "No Guts, No Glory"
2.24 Rage "Strings To A Web"(2.05)
2.24 Dream Evil "In The Night"(1.25)
2.24 Overkill "Ironbound"(1.29)
2.24 Kalmah "12 Gauge"
2.24 Ihsahn "After"(1.25)
2.24 Persuader "TBA"
2.24 Dark Tranquillity "We Are The Void"
2.24 Van Canto "Tribe Of Force"
2.28 Darkseed "TBA"
   Nevermore "The Obsidian Conspiracy"
   In Mourning "Monolith"


3.05 Ikuinen Kaamos "Fall Of Icons"
3.17 Bullet For My Valentine "TBA"
3.09 Demon Hunter "TBA"
3.10 Airbourne "No Guts,No Glory"
3.22 Poisonblack "Of Rust And Bones"
3.22 Kamelot "TBA"
3.22 The Dillinger Escape Plan "Option Paralysis"
   Crashdïet "Generation Wild"
   Ratt "Infestation"
   Malpractice "TBA"
   Reflexion "TBA"


4.03 Avantasia "The Wicked Symphony / Angel Of Babylon"
   Pretty Maids "TBA"
   Stam1na "Viimeinen Atlantis"
   Sonic Syndicate "TBA"
   Edenbridge "Solitaire"
   Misery Index "Heirs To Thievery"
   Symphony X "TBA"
   Revamp "TBA"
   Grand Magus "Hammer Of The North"
   Ozzy Osbourne "Soul Sucka"
   Scorpions "Sting In The Tail"
   Grave "TBA"
   Dimmu Borgir "TBA"
   Exodus "Exhibit B: The Human Condition"
   Angra "TBA"
   Firewind "TBA"
   To/Die/For "TBA"
   Operatika "TBA"
   Cavalera Conspiracy "TBA"
   Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "TBA"
   Morian "Ashen Empire"
   Anthrax "Worship Music"
   Wuthering Heights "Salt"
   Soulfly "Omen"
   Cellador "For All Or Nothing"
   Evereve "E-Mission"
   Grimfist "A New Breed Of Brutality"
   Illnath "Three Nights In The Sewers Of Sodom"
   Sinergy "Sins Of The Past"
   Tarja "What Lies Beneath"
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